Financial Assistance

Board Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  All applications must be in by 2 pm the day before the meeting to be considered.

Title 59, Ohio Revised Code, requires each County Veterans Service Commission to establish and administer a financial assistance program. As such, each county develops its own policies and guidelines regarding financial assistance and is NOT bound by the policies of any other county.
In Preble County, you may be eligible for assistance with the basic necessities of life such as:

  • Rent and Mortgage Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • Food Assistance

The commission has developed a set of guidelines that is applied to every eligible applicant. It is applied across the board, and exceptions to the policy are made ONLY when the commission determines that the individual situation warrants such an exception.

This program is for temporary, emergency financial assistance. It is not a long term program. Every applicant for financial assistance is required to complete a formal application and provide a complete financial disclosure for all members of his/her household. Failure to provide all required information will result in the denial of the application. Financial assistance applications are taken on a walk in basis.


We transport to VA required medical appointments. Twenty Four hours advanced notice is required to ensure you get to your scheduled appointment on time.

Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits

Veterans who served honorably may be entitled to various benefits administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our CVSOs will assist with the preparations of formal claims for benefits on behalf of veterans and eligible family members.

“Veteran” is defined as an individual who served active duty in one of the military branches. This includes members of the National Guard and reserves who were activated under the Title 10 of the United States Code. To determine eligibility, the DD 214 is the official document.

Medical Care

Available to most veterans through the VA clinic and medical center system. This is not a medical plan – it is a medical system in which the veteran enrolls, and then receives treatment.

Service Connected Compensation

A monthly payment awarded to those veterans who have incurred injury or disease, with lasting effect, during their military service. Ratings are determined based on the degree of disability, but only after the veteran has filed a formal claim for benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ratings can be from 0% to 100%, and ratings of 30% or higher entitle the veteran additional monthly payments for dependents. In addition, other benefits may be obtained as the basic compensation rating goes higher. Free medical care is provided by the VA for service connected disabilities regardless of rating.

Non-Service Connected Pension

An income based program available to wartime veterans. The maximum rate is set by Congress, and all gross income is considered when assessing the individual eligibility. However, VA will allow income reduction through the use of out of pocket medical expenses. Additional amounts may be paid for eligible dependents.

Education Benefits

These benefits vary depending upon the period and length of service. There are numerous educational programs, including the Post-911 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Vocational Rehabilitation program.

Insurance Benefits

Available to service connected veterans once a service connected rating has been determined.

Burial Benefits

Payable to veterans who are receiving VA compensation or pension payments at the time of death. All veterans who service was honorable are entitled to a VA grave marker and a burial flag, with military honors at their funeral or service. If desired, a VA medallion that can be affixed to a monument may be issued rather than a standard grave marker.

Home Loan

Guaranty certificates are available to most veterans. This is not a loan, but guaranteed for a certain percentage of the mortgage loan.