It is the policy of the Preble County VSC to provide timely emergency financial assistance to any person entitled to it, providing they meet all eligibility requirements, under ORC 5901 and the provisions set forth in the Preble County VSC Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

Emergency Financial Assistance is a short-term temporary program to assist Veterans and their dependents on an emergency basis. Financial Assistance is not a pension, income supplement or an automatic entitlement program. (Income supplement shall be considered to exist when applicant’s monthly obligations routinely exceed the applicant’s monthly income, i.e., living above one’s means.)

For the purpose of determining eligibility to receive EFA, an “emergency” is a situation that possesses all of the following circumstances: 1. It arose unexpectedly. 2. It created an immediate financial shortfall. 3. It was not the result of the applicant’s own misconduct or poor financial planning


This program is established to assist Veterans who are on a fixed income, usually like Social Security and there is no likelihood they could gain employment that places them above eligibility.

Veterans on this program will be assisted with their necessities of life ( food, utility, and shelter) without having to constantly apply.
This program is for Veteran only. Recertification is every 6 months.

Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.